The relationship between technological development and development in the field of shipping globally

With the increase in the number of shipping and parcel delivery companies, the competition between companies increased by providing the best offers and developing services, and the volume and number of air freight shipments increased during the nineties, and technological innovation led to a quantum leap in the shipping process.
 We can say that thanks to the development of Internet services and speeds, it has become easy to obtain flight data in real-time and track the shipment step by step, and it is worth noting that what promoted the growth of air freight and increased its services is the growth of global trade and the explosion of e-commerce in the past decade, which made air freight traffic more important to the global economy
Today, we have become very dependent on all delivery services, including air freight. For the advantages it offers such as speed, security, and the ability to get what you want from the ends of the earth to wherever you are, even if for a short time or a temporary period.
This development, in turn, facilitated the work of various shipping fields, including air freight, sea freight, and even land transport, until it reached what it is now in the way that increased international cooperation and covered the needs of countries and each other, ensuring the ease of movement of goods of all kinds and requirements. Different in receiving, storage, delivery, and even how to deal with the different temperatures and atmospheres required by the nature of the commodity to be transported from one place to another, even if this transport. It is located within the borders of the same country, which would not have been easy to reach had it not been for the great technological progress that took place in various fields of life, including and even above them the logistical fields in general. of different types
Here it should be noted that this development would not have borne fruit except through the development of workers in the various fields of shipping, and here I mean the staff responsible for this work, all of them beginning with educated and well-trained workers in dealing with shipments and applying the highest standards of security and safety in this Work from receiving, storing and delivering the goods in the right way until we reach the same department that follows the correct, high-accuracy implementation on the ground. The standards recognized in the various fields of freight are commensurate with the nature of those goods received and other goods intended for delivery.
On this basis of work, the logistical work system is completed and becomes integrated and consistent in the performance it performs to serve the various service parties, starting from the service manufacturer, marketer, and seller, up to the FINAL service OF DELIVERY. The safe delivery of those goods, in a manner that ensures customers and clients receive the highest quality and the right price at the right time. To request the production of any product

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